Lift Passes

For the season 2020 – 2021  Lift Passes :
The bus ride to Flachau with the Snow Space Salzburg Ski Shuttle is for those using the lift system, and is free of charge.

For various price reductions, there are Lift Pass categories:
Adult – with no evidence of right to a reduced price
Student  – valid student card and born 1995 – 2001
Youth     – born  2002, 2003, 2004
Child       – born 2005 to 20114
Small child   – born 2015 and later

The prices for the various lift passes are all available on the Flachau website but for a one day lift pass:

Adult              58.00 Euro
Student         54.00 Euro
Youth            43.5.00 Euro
Child              29.00 Euro
Small child    5.00 Euro “Mini” if unaccompanied

Evidence of right to a reduced price should be carried at all times. Each lift pass has a refundable deposit of 3.00 Euro. Any Lift Pass is fully refundable if unused.
Pre-season a liftpass can be ordered online and received by post. During the season a previously purchased Lift Pass can be recharged online.
The Lift Pass can be ordered on the day on board the Snow Shuttle bus paid with cash. Use of credit or debit cards is possible only in resort with a risk of queuing.

For a single ride up the mountain as a foot passenger, once up & later back down with the Acherjet (8 seater gondola)    Adult  19.10  Child  11.50