So you want to ski? Easy as that…?
Well let’s see!

We wear boots that we fix to planks or boards with bindings to allow us great pleasure to slide, glide and turn on snow, with the assistance of handheld long poles.

Advances in technology mean that each item is ideally developed for its job.
The boots will be softer for beginners and stiffer for high performers,
and it’s the same for the skis.
Longer skis give more stability and precision, but are harder to turn.
The binding to hold the boot to the ski has a safety release mechanism,
set according to weight and ability,
to allow the boot to be released when under pressure due to a fall.

There are different types of ski for styles of descent or types of terrain:
Slalom                (short sharp turns)
Giant Slalom    (longer turns)
(no turns – just straight down!)
(longer turns with turbo and fun)
Race Carver
(longer turns with super turbo and fast)
All Rounder
(good for anything anywhere, all slopes)
Bumps  – check out the cool video!
(especially good for descending a bumps field)
All Mountain
(good for anything anywhere, off piste too)
Fat Boys
(good for off piste deep powder, cumbersome on piste)
Twin Tips for Freeride  – check out the cool video!
(good for all terrain especially deep powder)
Twin Tips for Freestyle  – check out the cool video!
(good for jumps and stunts)

When you think you can do it, but it goes wrong!
It can hurt!     Falls & Fails!  – check out the cool video!