Some Details

The bus ride to Flachau with the Salzburg Flachau Ski Shuttle is free of charge for those using the Flachau lift system. For those not wishing to use the lifts, there is a charge for the ride of 13.00 Euro. For more information on Lift Pass

Ski and snowboard rental prices vary from 27.00 Euro upwards, including skis, poles, boots, or snowboard and boots.  Beginners need only the basic set.
Choosing a higher category gives much higher quality for a small extra payment.
Child sizes have reduced cost.
We recommend use of helmet, available to rent or buy.

Ski wear is available to buy in the sports shops,
at some locations rental of skiwear is possible.
Skiwear prices:
Skipants  15.00    Jackets  15.00
Gloves  3.00   Goggles 5.00   Scarf/warm hat  2.00

Lockers (called Ski Safe) are usually available in the sports shop
for a fee of 5.00 Euro with the lock coded to your lift pass.

Guests (not always: guide to inform you) may leave personal belongings on the tour coach during the day,  but it will be locked until 15:30, open from 15:30 for driving away at 16:00.

Ski or Snowboard instruction should be booked in advance if possible.
2 hours private tuition for 128.00 Euro for 1 person
2 hours private tuition for 154.00 Euro for 2 person, so 77.00 per person
Each additional person add 26.00 Euro i.e. cheaper when you share with others.
Maybe well worthwhile taking 3 or 4 hours rather than 2 hours.

Although often travel insurance does cover winter sports, our sports shop does offer a good package for less than 8.00 Euro for the day, covering breakage & theft of skis, mountain rescue and more. This is of course expensive compared with the yearly price.